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Peter T.
Pearblossom, CA
Yelp 5.0 Star

Ten years ago my car was involved in an accident and Precision did the work. This is where it gets interesting. Two years ago I noticed some chipping way down on the lower pane of the drivers side door. Well it wasn't a big deal but if got worse so i decided to get it painted. When I brought it back to Precision I was expecting a fair price for a good paint job but what I received was beyond my belief. Jeff looked it up in his computer, looked at the door and said "that isn't right, I don't know what happened but it isn't right." So he painted the door under warranty, 10 years after the original job. Then to top it off when I picked up the car he'd painted doors completely. He told me "ah it wasn't right, and I just wanted to do it right." I don't know about you but getting it right is all I ask of any service. This was so far beyond my expectations that I had to write about them "getting it right." I am so appreciative of what they did, even though they didn't have to.

Claudia B.
Hawthorne, CA

I was involved in a small fender bender . Brought my Dodge Ram to precision carstar. My truck was completed before the due date, Not only that I was very happy with the quality work. The paint was very glossy And the staff was very friendly. They even washed my truck and clean my interior. Loved it!

Krystian J.
Palmdale, CA
Yelp 5.0 star

My car was hit on the back drivers side one day and almost a few weeks later I accidentally ran into the back of someone else's car. I went to Precision auto body and not only did they make my car look brand new but they were reasonable in the price, very personable, and even took the extra time to try and cover small dings that had nothing to do with either accident. I was very pleased with my Mercedes when I got it back. It looked like I had just bought it all over again. This place is awesome and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to get work done on their vehicle. Jeff, Mario, and Edgar were especially sweethearts! Thank you so much guys! I really appreciate you!

Jonathon M.
Goleta, CA
Yelp 5.0 star

Took my car into precision to get it repaired because I was going through an insurance claim with AAA. Jeff and Mario were extremely professional and treated me with the upmost respect. They made the entire process so smooth. I would definitely recommend them to anyone going through a claim. My car looked fantastic when I picked it up. Thanks guys!

Mario B.
Palmdale, CA
Yelp 5.0 star

Best place in the AV. I took my car there to repair some minor damage. The work they did was fantastic - looked like new. I noticed over a year later that on a corner of the fender some of the paint was starting to barely peel. I spoke to Mario who was very knowledgeable and helpful. After he reviewed the old work order, Precision said that they guarantee their work and did the repair for Free. Finding such an honest auto repair shop that completely stands behind their work is a keeper. Don't go anywhere else. This is the place to take all of your auto body shop repairs. They have earned their great 5 star reputation by putting their customers first.

Katie S.
Los Angeles, CA

A friend recommended I drive from Burbank to Palmdale for repairs after my car was broadsided in a hit-and-run. Although the drive was long, the last few shops I had been to in the San Fernando Valley were unreliable and made shoddy repairs. Needless to say, I was ready for a change.

After making a call to Jeff at Precision CARSTAR, I knew the drive would be worth my time. I brought my car in the same day, and Jeff walked me through the AAA claims process. Jeff provided me with a breakdown of the work that needed to be completed, called with regular updates along the way, and I received my car with all of the necessary repairs less than a week later.

Great people, great work - highly recommended!

Yesenia B.
Littlerock, CA

I was involved in a small accident and took my Pathfinder in to Precision CARSTAR. I was very impressed with the quality of their work, It exceeded my expectations. I was quite surprised to find that even the interior of my car was clean! The guys are awesome! Very polite and professional! I highly recommend this place. Excellent job guys! Keep up the good work:)

Palmdale, CA

We are very happy with their service! We got our mazda back quickly and it looked better than ever! Accidents are not pleasant but if you have to find a friendly, reliable body shop this is the one!

Antonio C.
Littlerock, CA
Yelp 5.0 star

Like to thank the guys at precision, the shop guys know what there doing great job keep it up. Office dudes were really helpful, they had a rental waiting for me the day i dropped off my car. I would highly recommend if you need body work. this is the place to go to.

Janice S.
Ridgecrest, CA
Yelp 5.0 star

My car got hit in San Diego, it was a dent that covered 2 surface areas. My insurance had Precision CARSTAR listed a recommended auto body shops.

I had Precision CARSTAR fix the dent and fix a couple other areas on my car. When I picked up my car a week later, it was beautiful. Precision CARSTAR fixed my front bumper, fixed the newest dent and painted the back spoiler. They also waxed my entire car and cleaned the inside out as well.

They were quick, respectful and the work was amazing.

L. F.
Littlerock, CA
Yelp 5.0 star

I took my 2006 Honda civic for a front collision repair. They perform an excellent job and staff was helpful. They updated me through the whole repair process. When i was scheduled to pick my vehicle i was impressed by the work that was performed. The paint job look really new. It looked the same way when i purchase my vehicle. I would highly recommend this location.

Judy S.
Palmdale, CA

Thank you for sending me to Precision Auto in Palmdale,Calif. The quick, honest and reasonable repair was so professionally courteous and wonderfully attended to. I could not let the opportunity go by without a thank you. I have never seen such thoughtful honest and quickly completed repair attended to by the shop, agents involved both on my phone and in the repair shop. Nothing could have been handled at any step to have been better. AAA is excellent!... .

Melissa B.
Lancaster, CA
Yelp 5.0 star

Awesome experience during a bad situation. I've never been in a car accident until now.

Overwhelmed with all the things I had to do such as contacting my insurance, renting a car, and finding a auto body shop to fix my 2012 Dodge Durango. I was recommended to CarStar Auto Body Repair Experts. Once I arrived to the auto body shop I was greeted by Jeff and Edgar. Jeff informed me of the repairs that were going to be done. The paperwork went smooth and Jeff called the car rental company so I can get picked up. Once the car rental company arrived. Edgar went above and beyond by assisting me with my children's car seats and stroller. Being in the hospitality industry, I was very impressed of the customer service I was receiving. Not only did the staff assured me my car was going to be fixed in no time, they made me feel comfortable and made my day more convenient. It took one week for my car to be completed. Upon arrival, I met with Jeff. He gave me the breakdown of the cost, which the insurance took care of. Originally my insurance wanted to replace it with a used bumper, but Jeff managed to make it happen and I got a new bumper, yay! Edgar took time to show me the new bumper and paint job. He also informed me that I have lifetime warranty on the job that was completed by them. As far as the paint job, WOW, I was definitely impressed. The rear end of my car looks like new! I picked up my car and it was washed and detailed! Keep in mind my car is 3 years old, the new bumper, paint job and wash/detail made it look better than ever. I was super excited to drive off with it. I would highly recommend CarStar Auto Body Repair Experts. This group of experts knows what they're doing and truly care about their customers.

Thank you CarStar Auto Body Experts for making my life easier during this time.

M S.
Los Angeles, CA
Yelp 5.0 Star

I was in a wreck and my insurance, State Farm, was trying to send me to their shop that had lots of bad reviews. We checked for a shop in Palmdale where my fiancé works. After finding Precision, we spoke to Jeff about our car. Not only did he handle everything with the insurance, he also took care of getting them to cover my rental car. The car was even done quicker than Jeff had told us. It was even cleaned inside & out. I would definitely give Jeff a call @ Precision.