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Why Choose Precision CARSTAR?

Why Choose Precision CARSTAR?


Less than 10% of all auto body repair shops nationwide are certified. Considering that today’s automobiles are essentially 2000lb computers on wheels would you really be willing to let just anybody repair your car? A lot of shops can pound out the dents and make your car cosmetically attractive but what about all the hidden safety features underneath that shiny exterior? As a certified shop we have access to the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) data. Our highly trained technicians get a printout for each and every repair they do. No guesswork! It is repaired as the manufacturer of your vehicle has specified. We also have the latest technology for measuring your car. Even a minor hit can put your vehicle out of alignment. A hit in the rear can send enough kinetic energy forward to impact something in the front. You might not be able to see any damage but it could be enough to compromise the safety of your vehicle and your passengers should you ever be involved in another accident. We will be more than happy to give you a printout of the specs showing it was repaired to the manufacturers specifications.

When you call Precision CARSTAR, we put our team of experts to work for you immediately to guide you through the repair process. We provide a detailed repair estimate. With a complete explanation of the repair process. We work closely with you and/or your insurance company to keep you informed of the repair progress. If desired, we can contact you throughout your vehicle’s repair process to let you know how it is going and when to expect the repair to be completed.

Precision CARSTAR employs only highly trained and certified auto body repair experts! This ensures your vehicle gets back to you quickly and in the same manner as the manufacturer intended it. We do everything possible to put you back on the road on or before the expected delivery date. Our turnaround times are among the shortest in the Antelope Valley area. We know what it takes to professionally repair all makes and models of vehicles.

We are the only shop directly CERTIFIED by many of the car manufacturers. We repair our customers cars to the manufacturers specs using their data!

It is important for you to know that most shops in the Antelope Valley DO NOT have this level of training, certification, or ability to access the OEM data. A certified shop is proud to display their certifications! If you don’t see the certifications then odds are that shop isn’t qualified to work on today’s modern vehicles.

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We warranty all of our work with TWO warranties. Our first warranty covers the repairs locally for as long as you own your vehicle. If you experience any concerns with the repairs during normal vehicle use, you can return it to this location. The second warranty is the CARSTAR Nationwide Warranty – for wherever you and your vehicle may go. If you move from the Antelope Valley you are covered at any nationwide CARSTAR shop for five years.  Best of all, if by chance there is not a CARSTAR shop nearby, we will find a convenient quality auto body repair shop to honor the warranty.

We Make it Easy

When you have an accident, one of the many challenges can be coordinating your vehicle repair between your insurance company and the body shop. You can relax – at Precision CARSTAR we take care of that for you.  Our team maintains great relationships with numerous insurance providers so chances are we already have a relationship with your insurance company. The biggest beneficiary of that relationship is you. You will save valuable time during the entire vehicle repair process. It’s just one of the many ways we help minimize the disruption to your life and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Remember: California state law says YOU get to choose where your vehicle gets repaired – regardless of where your insurance company might try to make you go.

Precision CARSTAR offers the highest quality auto body repairs and customer satisfaction in the collision industry for all makes and models of vehicles, both foreign and domestic, new or old. Precision CARSTAR features state-of-the-art repair equipment, quality parts replacement, expert color matching and a thorough quality post-repair inspection.

Our customer testimonials are second to none – visit us on Yelp.

We have also maintained a Better Business Bureau Rating of A+ for more than 18 years!

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