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Repair Process

Repair Process

The steps to getting your car repaired can be confusing – who’s in charge, who pays, what do I do next…. We would like to eliminate the confusion and keep your repair process as simple (and stress free) as possible.

Step #1: Start your repair with the PRECISION CARSTAR Auto Body Repair Experts.

Call us at 661-273-7996 or email Precision CARSTAR via the Get Estimate button above to set a repair appointment.

When you report your claim to your insurance company, ask to have your car repaired at Precision CARSTAR. Remember, state law says YOU get to choose where you go for auto body repair – not the insurance company. If an insurance company tells you you have to go to their shop that is called steering and it is against the law – Steering.  Keep in mind that even though the insurance carrier may try and get you to go to a shop of their choosing they do not warranty the work of that repair shop. The body shop you choose should warranty your repair and use trained and certified technicians. Simply put, your repair warranty is only as good and reliable as the body shop that repairs your car – or stays in business. We offer the best warranties in the Antelope Valley and use I-Car Platinum trained and certified technicians!

Step #2: What happens when you arrive at Precision CARSTAR

When you come to the Precision CARSTAR location, we’ll take your information and start a repair plan for your vehicle. The first step is an estimate of the damages. Your estimate should include:

  • A thorough inspection of the work to be done on your vehicle
  • A description of the repair parts to be used
  • What items your insurance will and will not cover – depending on your policy
  • The expected dollar amount of the repair.
  • The estimated length of time to complete the repair

Most shops use the same estimating systems so there shouldn’t be a great difference in the cost to repair your vehicle. One of the reasons estimates may differ from shop to shop is thoroughness of the appraisal process. Some shops may leave necessary repairs out of the initial estimate, to get you in the door with a low dollar figure. They will then add these additional costs back into the job later in the process with a supplement. At Precision CARSTAR, we take the steps necessary to identify the visible damage for a quality and safe repair for your vehicle upfront. If we suspect unseen or hidden damage we will immediately let you know that.

As soon as you give your approval, we can begin the repair process. If you are submitting your claim through an insurance company, we will work directly with that insurance carrier. If you need transportation, we will arrange a rental car for you through our rental car partner, Enterprise – or a rental company of your choice. We also offer free pick up and drop-off within a 15-mile radius.

Step #3: What happens during your auto body repair

When we repair your car, we order parts, remove damaged parts, repair body and structural damage, paint your car and put on the finishing touches. During this entire process, we update you on your vehicle’s repair status as you have requested – by phone call, email or text message. Remember, our quality repairs are generally faster on average than other Antelope Valley body shops but every repair is different! Some repairs take only 2-3 days while other major repairs may take a week or more. Our goal is to always return your car to you in the shortest time possible and to OEM specifications.

Step #4: What to expect when getting your repaired vehicle back

When you arrive to pick up your vehicle, we walk you through a final inspection.

At this time, if you were responsible for the accident, you will pay your insurance deductible or the total cost of the repairs if you were responsible.  If the other driver was responsible, they and/or their insurance company will take care of the cost. Remember, we offer a local limited lifetime warranty and 5-year nationwide warranty for our repair work. Most importantly, you will be driving your own car which was repaired to the OEM specifications, and you can get your life back on track

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